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The Responsive Classroom Academy

The Responsive Classroom Academy is a year-long, instructional coach and teacher membership program. Through this resource, teachers continue to create responsive and aligned lessons with the guidance of the instructional coach. 

What this resource includes:

  • 8 10-minute videos (1 per month) focused on a specific lesson plan component (learning objective, formative assessment, aligned questions and tasks, student-centered planning, differentiation, accommodations, literacy and debriefing)
  • Classroom look-fors, coaching scripts, FAQs from teachers and more to give support to instructional coaches
  • a 1:1 Responsive Classroom Academy Liaison to walk the instructional coaches through each part of the journey. This person will serve as a point of contact, provide 2 virtual meetings per year, send weekly check-in emails, and more!
  • A lesson planning guide to make planning efficient and effective

Remember* – Doors close September 15th for the 2023-2024 school year! Set up a time to chat before then!

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Language is Power!

In this mini-course, teachers are equipped to understand language proficiencies, use the ELPS in powerful ways, and implement language-building strategies easily and effectively!

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