Training and Coaching

**New Training!**

  • Understand the science behind boredom the implications on learning
  • Compare behavior engagement to cognitive engagement
  • Have fun learning engaging strategies that push students to higher levels of thinking and engage their brains!

The What, Why, and How of Culturally Responsive Education

  • Building blocks of culturally responsive education 
  • In-depth study of culturally responsive education
  • Strategies for classroom implementation

The Power of an Alliance

  • Define what an alliance looks like with students and parents 
  • Determine the importance of creating an alliance 
  • Strategies for creating alliances in the classroom

The Beauty of a Culturally Responsive and Language Rich Environment

  • Understand the 3-parts of a culturally-rich classroom
  • Learn importance of having a language-rich classroom
  • Strategies for classroom implementation

Virtual Coaching

Face-to-Face Coaching

Additional Coaching Services

  • One-on-one coaching for teachers
  • Coaching for grade-level teams
  • Vertical coaching for core subject-areas
  • One-on-one coaching for teachers
  • Coaching for grade-level teams
  • Vertical coaching for core subject-areas
  • Additional planning time with teachers
  • Training with coaches
  • Developing a training session on campus/district need
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Creating Vision-Driven Goals for your Campus

As we come to the close of 2023, the talk of goals is in the air. In the education world, it almost seems that the word “goals” has as much of a negative connotation as standard, or assessment, or IEPs – I don’t know know about you, but it feels like a very heavy word.…

5 Steps to Creating Independent Learners

The name of my first book is Building a Bridge from “I Can’t” to “I DID!”, which encompasses the mindset of an independent learner. However, what does this actually mean?  How do we move students to success?  How do we actually build that bridge? How do we get them past the productive struggle and to a…

What is a Responsive Educator?

The school year is underway! From the schools that I’ve been in this year and the administrators I’ve spoken with, it seems we are moving into a more consistent feel of “normal” than we have been in several years. My question to you is what are you seeing on your campus? Are students in engaged?…