WHY Culturally Responsive Teaching and WHY we are hurting our students if we are not aware…

Culturally Responsive teaching is starting to become a more prevalent conversation in the world of education.  Although I think it is often misunderstood as a relationship building or classroom management idea, it is absolutely about moving our students, no matter their background, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or language proficiency level to be their absolute best.  It is teaching them to think at higher levels, grow their cognitive capacity, and become independent learners- in order to become LIFE LONG learners.

This is big.  This is not to pass a test.  This is not to make them feel loved.  This is not to be liked by your students.  This is life changing and path altering.  This gives them the control back to determine the path they will take, despite current circumstances.

Americans are blessed with the free gift of education, but all education is NOT created equal, and depending on where a student lives, this often dictates the level of education he or she receives. While we may not be able to change the systemic problems in education (yet), we can control the system in our classroom.

However, if we are not intentional about being culturally responsive as we build that system, the marginalized and vulnerable students sitting in our classrooms will fall through the cracks, like they have so many years before.

You have the power to empower your students.  Are you using it?

Unfortunately, many of our students are coming from homes and families where instability, lack of education, and even abuse and chaos are their norm.  They come from environments where survival is the goal, and learning algebra or reading literature may not even be on the radar. 

So why Culturally Responsive Teaching?

  • It changes lives.
  • It empowers students.
  • It creates success.
  • It builds autonomy.
  • It lifts students out of their present circumstances.
  • It makes teaching enjoyable.
  • It works!

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