Because of Tate, I am Thankful…

Ah – the week of Thanksgiving.  I definitely try to live with a grateful heart all of the time, but Thanksgiving definitely makes me a little more intentional about thinking about the blessings that may not be in the spotlight all of the time.

After Tate’s kindergarten year, I became very intentional about praying for Tate’s upcoming teacher during the summer. The main thing I found myself praying for was that the teacher would love and understand Tate.  I’m sure you’ll get to know my kiddo, but he’s that stereotypical “all boy”…which in my eyes is wonderful and exactly how God made him to be, but can sometimes be a lot to handle.  He moves constantly (he recently got a fit bit, and at 9 years old, he’s hit 20,000 steps on multiple days), and he is super outgoing.  He also genuinely cares about the “underdog”, takes care of those who need it, and is a friend to everyone.

God has been so good with Tate’s teachers. As a mom in education, it’s hard not to be a helicopter mom when it comes to what kind of work or instruction is taking place, BUT, one thing I can say is that Tate’s teachers have loved him. Don’t get me wrong, he has driven them crazy and I’ve gotten more than one “can you please talk to Tate about….”, but they love him.  And because they love him, I genuinely feel like they act in his best interest. Because of this, it’s a lot easier for a mom to get behind and support their decisions.

Mr. W was Tate’s 3rd grade teacher. I paneled a bunch of kids today for the online course coming out, and many of them mentioned Mr. W as being one of their favorites. One little girl described him as a teacher who “just gets kids.” And he “gets them” because he loves them, and he genuinely takes the time to get to know them.

These two lovely ladies in the picture above are Tate’s first and second grade teachers who BOTH came to see him perform in his hip-hop musical outside of school! I actually interviewed Mrs. Mueller in my book because she was so pivotal in Tate’s education and general love of school.

So, from a mom to a teacher, THANK YOU FOR LOVING YOUR STUDENTS. Just loving them for the little person they are.  You are a teacher because above all, I believe God gave you the capacity to love the little people he entrusted you to teach.  Not all professions take the amount of love that teaching does…in fact I’m not sure if there is another profession that does.  But the ability to love and love well, despite frustration, disrespect, discouragement, and everything else that surrounds a teacher, is the number one most important qualifier for being a teacher, and the thing that will get you special jewels in heaven and set you apart from everyone else in this world.

So if you are a teacher and a parent, take the time this break to think about why you are thankful for your children’s teachers, and then remember why we are thankful for you.

Your love makes all the difference.

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