“But Aren’t the Flowers Pretty?”

My husband’s sweet Grandma passed away last week.  She had been sick with pneumonia, but was seemingly on her way to recovery, but then quickly took a downhill turn last Thursday, where I have no doubt that angels came and personally delivered her to God.  She was a precious woman, and impacted so many.

She was also my husband’s all time favorite person. Ever. 

This was no secret and I happily took 2nd place. As he was preparing to speak at her funeral on Saturday, he had me read what he had written last night.  He told a story of how she was at church one Sunday morning.  This church was under construction and not a pretty sight, and the building project had become a point of contention among many of church members.  While a few of the members were complaining about this and that outside of the church on this particular morning, Grandma Martha looked at some flowers that were blooming among the construction and remarked, “But aren’t the flowers pretty?”  She could always see the beauty. This statement became somewhat of a mantra within the family, and I think it rings true in all areas of life.  This statement doesn’t mean that the ugly and the hard are ignored or swept under the rug…it means that our intentional focus is on the beauty in the midst of the ugly.

I’ve thought about this often in the last week. Even right now, what am I focusing on? My friends that I miss?  The work that is getting rescheduled or canceled? My new baby niece that I haven’t been able to snuggle and kiss like I wanted to? A church building that is closed for corporate worship? The stress that comes with digital learning?  Y’all – all of these things are real and daily struggles. And we have to tackle them and the feelings we have about them.


There is also the beautiful weather, my family’s health, my new sweet baby niece, the time with my family (that I was actually praying for in January and February in the midst of a lot of traveling…I know, right?), the time to work on some really great content that we will be able to launch in the next month that would’ve never come about without this time, virtual meet ups with family and friends in other states that I wouldn’t have done otherwise, slow mornings sitting outside by the pool listening to the birds chirp and the wind chimes chime, a full fridge and pantry, and yes, flowers in bloom…because these are all real things in my life also…as real as the negative.


COVID-19 will pass.  We don’t know when, but it will eventually.  We are starting to gradually move back into the world even now. Eventually, you will have students back in your class, lessons to plan, papers to grade, kids to redirect, coworkers to collaborate with, copies to be made, paperwork to complete, attendance to check, etc… What will we focus on when all of that is back to normal? There will be challenges, probably more than you’ve faced in the classroom because of what your sweet kiddos are going through now, but you will also get hugs, high fives, smiles, and learning that makes your teacher heart beat a little faster.

“Aren’t the flowers pretty?”

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