This Just Might Work…

This whole school thing just might work…

So, I’ve decided that my 5th grader is going to have a good school year this year – no matter what that looks like. If he’s home, we will have the opportunity to go on more family adventures, see the learning as it is happening, and have a totally new and different experience than we’ve ever had before.

If he goes back to school (which he’s dying to do – that’s a new thing), he will have a new appreciation for his teachers, friends, school and administrators – one that I hope will follow him throughout the rest of his school career.

So, I’m choosing to look at this as a win-win…not because I’m an uber-positive, always upbeat person, but because this is the current situation that we are in. One of the biggest life lessons I want Tate to learn is not to be frozen or pushed back by life’s circumstances, and the only way to really learn that is to push through with positivity and joy when life throws hard circumstances your way. Although we are in unprecedented times right now, the fact that life is hard is not a new concept. Right now, it just seems to be hard for everyone (in different ways), which is new.

I’m also thankful. I’m thankful I can work from home. I’m thankful my husband is furloughed right now (yes, that’s right) so he can support both Tate and I in work and school. I’m thankful we have space for us in our home, and a yard and a neighborhood where it’s safe and peaceful to be outside. I’m thankful for our health, and that Tate goes to a school district that has worked very hard to do what’s best for their students.

I know there are going to be frustrations (As Tate started school this morning, I think we literally logged on to some platform/email at least 12 times this morning), it’s going to be a good year, because we are going to make sure it’s a good year.

And teachers, you’ve got this. It’s going to be different, but it’s going to be good. It’s not going to be perfect, but it’s going to be good. Communicate well. Stay positive. Have grace with yourself, admin, students and families, and be the rock star that you are.

So how are you? I’m only speaking for me and my family in this blog, but I hope that you can find joy and goodness through the fear and frustration as well. Blessings.

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