Scarcity Vs Abundance Mindset: Where are you?

I was recently reading one of Michael Hyatt’s books when I was really hit in the face with this chart.

Hyatt, M. (2018)Your Best Year Ever. Baker Books, MI. p 37.

Now, this is a mindset, meaning it seeps into all areas of our lives. I had to take a self inventory of each main part of my life and see where my mindset was resting. Typically, if I’m being transparent, I do actually have what most would consider an “abundance” mindset. However, recently, in several areas of my life, I have found myself losing sleep over a racing mind and a worried heart. I’ve found myself getting frustrated quicker over things I can’t control, and even taking that out on people who don’t deserve it.

When I read this chart, I realized that I had slipped into a Scarcity Mindset – putting limiting beliefs in the way of trust, and then worrying about them!

I think this breakdown of each of these mindsets is really relevant in education today. No doubt, it is harder to be an educator in 2020 that it ever has been before, and hopefully will be. The moving parts, indecision, changing decisions, flexibility on the parts of the students and families, concern over the virus, growing academic gaps, disconnectedness with students, new skills in technology for teachers, students and parents, and just a basic unknown and uncertain future can and will cause anyone to feel stress (and a little crazy).

But I love to dwell on what I can control, and though I have no control over the virus, decisions made by “higher ups”, or a number of other factors going on in my life right now, I can control my mindset. And so can you. So let’s disect this some.

  1. Do you feel like campus admin/central admin/students/students’ families/government owe you an explanation/benefits/more pay/more days off/etc and are you living in fear over what may happen – or are you thankful to be the voice of stability and love for so many of your students, to continue receiving a paycheck when so many are not, and to have technology to be able to work from home when schools go virtual. Let me be clear – it doesn’t mean it’s ideal, that there’s not risk, or that there’s not sacrifice involved – we’re just talking about your perspective in the midst of the difficulty.
  2. As a teacher or adminstrator, are you happy to collaborate, share ideas and strategies that work, speak highly of your coworkers to others and to students, and truly celebrate academic and behavior victories for others?
  3. Do you assume that you’ll never learn how to connect with students virtually, learn the ins and outs of technology, and reach a new demongraphic of students? Or do you give yourself grace, figure out the new skills needed, and give yourself permission to try, practice, fail, and try again?
  4. Everyone knows it’s hard right now. Do you often think “worse case scenario” or are you optimistic that students can still learn and grow during this time, enjoy a relationship with you, and increase academically (specifically in their foundational skills).
  5. Are you willing to take risks, or are you holding on the “way things have always been.”

Here’s my thinking on this – the world is going to keep moving in chaos right now, with or without me. I can choose to be my best self for others, learn new skills to attempt to grow, and trust God that he is still in control – or I can lose sleep, wallow in negativity, be angry at people who don’t care that I’m angry (or even know me), and worry about what may or may not happen.

I think if I want to choose joy, see success at some level, and pull the good out, I have to keep my mindset in check.

Here’s the last thought to leave you with – mindset is contagious. A) Surround yourself with people who have an abundance mindset (or at least be aware of those around you), and B) Spread the abundance mindset to those who are fortunate enough to be around you.

Thank you for pushing though and loving kids – even in 2020.

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