Our Purpose, Message and What We Believe…

In a time when terms suddenly have multiple meanings (and at times, very emotionally charged meanings), we thought it important to be very clear and transparent on where myself and my team at Pressing Onward stand, and on the message that we are projecting.

There are 1000 different fights that we could be apart of in an effort to bring equity, change, and a higher level of learning and achievement, and honestly, I’ve received pushback at times that we are not “tackling this” or “addressing that.” We are extremely passionate about our message, and about equipping teachings to reaching marginalized students who are culturally, linguistically and economically diverse, and we will continue to fight that fight with everything we’ve got!

Here is our mission statement:

Pressing Onward strives to equip every teacher to reach every student.

Here is what we believe:

If this is the direction you want to take your campus, visit our website at www.pressing-onward.org, fill out the contact information, and we’ll get a book in the mail to you!

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